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"Do not suffer what you will paint ... just get in front of a canvas and begin!" © vcs

A short bio, for now.

I've added my bio many times, only to change; then, delete it. What life events does one include?

I've always painted from my gut. When I got into painting murals, my time was limited (as I raised two sons, alone ; homeschooling the younger for three years. 😊)

Commercial work halted my burgeoning style.


My mission is to paint something not so personal; a work that can hang on any wall, in any space. The subjects I want to cover are water, environmental and narrative ( as much of my work has been).

So  many ideas have floated in my mind, sometimes, I wish I could twitch my nose and make them appear....but, swinging a brush is the whole exercise of painting.

Painting is a dance.

God Bless America and the Men and Women who Protect Her!

Thank you for visiting.

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