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"Do not suffer what you will paint ... just get in front of a canvas and begin!" © vcs

A short bio

What to Do 

All of the arts interested me; dance, drama, painting, writing and playing the alto sax. It was difficult to settle on just one...but fate made the call.

Studying fine art at the U of H, and the Museum of Fine Arts School, in Houston, was a dream I finally got to fulfill. In addition to painting; I added French, criminology, negotiating, mime, drama and a plethora of courses. In effect, I was a professional student. 

My painting focused on the female form because of dance studies, for over a decade, observing the female body in a leotard. 

At twenty-two, I renewed my vision and planned on auditioning for the Houston Jazz Ballet, but did a silly thing. 

I took up skydiving and shattered my ankle very badly. 

I tell people...

"I fell into painting!"

My French Composer

In the mid 70s I took a long sojourn to Europe to study the Great Masters. One bag of clothes and my camera; a Eurorail pass, and the art world was mine, for a time.

On the ride over, the host on the plane said he wanted me to meet a musician friend of his. Maybe 20,000 words would describe my encounter, but not here. The composer/pianist was amazing, and one of the most prolific musicians in Paris, if not all of Europe. Plus, I got to practice my French. 

Bon Vivant!


...to be continued...

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